Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Umple status update: The Umple open source version is ready to use

Development of the Umple model-oriented programming technology continues at a rapid pace. We have completed open-sourcing the vast majority of Umple, including the compiler, the Eclipse plugin and UmpleOnline.

Current developments

Recent additions include better support for Interfaces. The signatures of base-language methods are now parsed too.

Here's what is coming up:
  • We are moving from our own parser to an XText-based parsing technology, which generates the metamodel in Ecore
  • We are adding a tracing sublanguage to allow generation of tracing (dynamic analysis) directives from within a model
  • GUI generation from a model is being added. This was created some time ago for Julian Solano's thesis, but we are now in the process of open-sourcing the work.
  • We are working towards adding C++ code generation.

Links to the Umple project

Here are some handy easy-to-type links to various aspects of the Umple project. -> The google code site where we are hosting Umple. If you have a google account you can become a contributer -> A quick link to UmpleOnline, where you can try out the language. -> A wiki maintained on the Google code site where help and documentation resides -> The system where we are maintaining our list of issues. -> Blog posts from Tim Lethbridge's blog that refer to Umple. -> The Umple mailing list. -> Quick link to the root of the source code tree for Umple -> The Cruise Control continuous integration build server for Umple. Any time changes are committed to Umple, a build will automatically occur, and the results of the build will be visible here. ->  Results of the automatic testing of Umple. -> The umple home page we maintain on our own servers.

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