Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All sugar is just as bad, even organic cane sugar

I was watching this video in which a nutritionist points out correctly many important facts about sugar:
  • In the rush to remove fat from foods manufacturers are adding sugar. She rightly says sugar is toxic and addictive. From the evidence I have seen (she doesn't say so explicitly) it is worse than the fat.
  • Artificial sweeteners have been found to make us crave even more sweet things
  • There are many hidden sources of sugar.
Excellent video I thought. Until near the end.

Just before the end she suggests using organic cane sugar as a substitute. What! In that one statement she totally destroyed her credibility. The added nutrients and reduction in undesirable elements in the organic cane sugar are negligible. In terms of effect at increasing obesity and hear disease, the organic cane sugar is chemically pure sucrose, and will be just as fattening and addictive.

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